5 Top Tips to Improve your Resume

Your resume can literally open doors to new opportunities and fresh beginnings. Therefore, it is important to spend some time and efforts to make yours a memorable one. In this guide, we will consider 5 ways of improving your resume in order to get noticed and hired fast.

Tips to Improve your Resume

1.  Tweak the resume’s language and remove weak words

This includes removing clichéd and overused words like “team player”, “highly qualified”, “hard worker” and so on. Instead, stand out by emphasizing your skills making special notes of certifications you have acquired. Explain exactly how you went the extra mile in the last job; how you handled volume of work under the most special circumstances, or where you took on responsibilities that went beyond your job description. Next, provide concrete examples of how you met objectives by working with people and/or how you won over difficult co-workers etc.

2.  Include a strong branding statement and a powerful summary

A branding statement accurately describes your skills, your passions, your talents and the results you have helped accomplish in your previous positions. Here are a few examples of strong branding statements:

  • Customer service repHighly motivated, adaptable and skilled customer service representative who can provide exceptional customer service.
  • Sales ManagerHighly skilled, talented and motivated Sales Manager known to build long lasting relationships with co-workers, clients and partners to help drive recurring revenue for the organization.

Every branding statement must be followed up with bulleted list of 3-5 summary points that further highlight one’s skills and experiences.

3.  Quantify and qualify your skills to entice the employer to schedule an interview

Use numbers to provide solid and concrete information such as “decreased wait time for customers by nearly 50%” etc. Three questions will help you in this aspect: How much, how often and how many? These can highlight one’s professional accomplishments and are vital to consider for getting that coveted interview.

4.  Do not waste the employer’s time – keep the resume short and sweet

Did you know that each resume gets only 15-20 seconds of the reviewers’ attention? Therefore, avoid a large resume consisting of 3-4 pages. Ideally, one page resumes work best. Additionally, you might also include a cover letter with the resume – so do try and consolidate your accomplishments and top abilities in the front page.

If you are applying for managerial or professional positions (or have experience of more than 15 years), then you can certainly go for 2-3 page resumes, but still remain very crisp and focused.

5.  Check and recheck for typos and errors

This is the number one “killer” mistake you could make in a resume. Spelling mistakes and typos literally scream “I am a terrible professional, do not hire me!” So please aim for perfection and proof read the resume a couple of times.

If needed, get a fresh set of eyes to go through the document. Avoid using “I” when starting sentences- instead use definitive verbs to define your strengths such as “Organized, arranged, motivated, created, impacted, streamlined” and so on.

These 5 proven ways of improving resumes have been actually culled from lists given by expert HR professionals as to what they perceive to be mistakes in resume writing.  So we hope you use these pointers to construct the perfect resume and get that job!

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