About Jobfrog Resumes

I’m Emma Anderson, a professional executive resume and creative writer.

My business was established in 2015 when I left my full-time employer to have our first child and focus on two of my passions – working from home, so I could spend quality time with her and two assisting individuals to reach their fullest potential in producing high-quality, effective, and successful resumes.

At Jobfrog, we know how important first impressions are! I am dedicated and committed to helping people search for their dream job, and I love hearing clients’ success stories.

We proudly offer tips, advice, and services to individuals needing help or assistance preparing that perfect resume.


With fees starting at just $87, is it any wonder we are the number one resume service people turn to?

We can also complement your application with a cover letter and address/provide assistance with selection criteria.

It’s a tough job market out there these days, and you need to know how to sell yourself and prepare your career development documents so that they both stand out and will be sure to get you shortlisted for that job that you so desperately want.

Why Choose Jobfrog Resumes?

We are experienced in writing resumes in a vast array of fields, such as construction, accounting, administration, and human resources, just to name a few.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and if you aren’t satisfied with our services, then we will simply work on your resume until you are. That’s the Jobfrog promise.