Want a Great Job – It’s all About Your Presentation

We all know that it’s a huge competition out there in the job market. Making a good first impression is a big deal.

The best way to present yourself would be through your résumé. Writing a résumé is the same as dressing to impress. A sloppy resume will never deserve a second glance.

If you are not sure how to make a résumé, there are many resume and cover letter writing services available.

They are experts on covering letters for job applications. You may write a resume sample for a first-time job. They can also tell you on how to write a résumé that is worth reading for the recruitment team.

They will check on it for areas of improvement. They also know the best resume layout that will help you get that place.

Once all set, you are then ready to prove you’re worth the job. And now, you’re on the next level of the application process.

Presentation Tips

Don’t let fear and anxiety overcome you and ruin your chances of getting hired. Some positions may need you to do a presentation and prove yourself.

This is a tricky part and will need hard work and preparation even before getting the job.

Presentations are usually the make or break part of the deal. One single mistake may lead to losing the chance of getting the place you are aspiring for.

Here are a few tips on how to present successfully:

1. Have a clear and concise plan.

The idea of convincing others needs to start with you. Introduce yourself first. Memorize every detail on your résumé. This becomes handy when asking for some specifications or details later on. Do an intensive research. Know the company and its guiding principles.

Make use of the given information in creating your presentation plan. Brainstorm with friends to get fresh ideas that you can convey your message.

2. Maximize the use of technology.

Technology for Presentation

With the technology available, present with ease and convenience. PowerPoint and Google Drive Presentation are some tools that can be used to present slides and graphic representation. Many other programs are also available.

Make your presentation more interesting and creative. It is best to use technology that you are familiar with. And avoid technical issues upon presenting.

3. Organize your presentation. How to present properly

Start by giving a brief description of your presentation. Highlight key ideas you want to impart to your audience.
Be sure to check for any questions they might have. And end your presentation with a summary of the key points.

4. Rehearse your speech.

Practice your lines and find what works best for you. Speak aloud to yourself. Familiarize the presentation flow, so you are better prepared during your turn.

Be ready to answer questions that will be raised. Do not be intimidated by these questions. Instead, take it as a positive remark and interest to you and the idea you are presenting.

5. Learn to relax.

Successful Presentation

Though it is better said than done, we need to compose ourselves before speaking in public. Remain calm and attentive to your audience.

Too many movements are signs of anxiety and annoying to your audience. You may lose that chance of getting the message delivered.

Talk naturally and make eye contact. How you present yourself defines who you are. Not as an applicant but as a future worker if given the spot.

Dress professionally and appropriately as for how you presented yourself on your résumé. You will then feel ready and presentable.

It gives your self-confidence the booster it needs. You are now ready to face that panel of interviewers.


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