How to Add Resume to Linkedin

There is no other site or service for business networking as good as LinkedIn. Job seekers and business professionals use it. There are above 3 million jobs posted on the platform every month just from the USA. This makes it an excellent way for potential employers to notice you while conducting your job search.

Job seekers quickly realize they ought to utilize their well-crafted resumes and LinkedIn page to support their job applications. A LinkedIn profile and a physical resume are different, so you will need to upload a resume when you have a job application you need to apply.

While it sounds straightforward, the platform went through a revamp, and now the quick and easy ‘import resume’ feature no longer exists in the way it was. In this guide, you can find out how to add a resume to LinkedIn. We have included two ways to upload your resume, as one will be available to anyone who looks at your profile for a resume or if you are applying for a job. You wish to send your resume to your LinkedIn application for a posting.

Adding Resume to your LinkedIn Profile

Step By Step Guide to Add Your Resume to LinkedIn

Here are the quick step-by-step instructions to add a resume to LinkedIn profiles

  1. Sign in to your LinkedIn account
  2. Navigate to your profile
  3. In the top right corner, click the “Me” dropdown menu and select “View profile.”
  4. Select the ‘pencil icon on the right side of your profile picture to enter the edit mode
  5. Scroll until you see ‘Media’ and click “Upload.”
  6. Choose the file of your resume file from your device and click “Open.” Make sure to add a professional-looking name for your resume. (By default, the file name and description field boxes will be empty)
  7. Click the ‘Apply’ button and then follow with click “Save.”

If you need to edit your online resume, you must compile the new one and use the above guide to upload the resume version containing the updates. One thing not often mentioned is that you should remove sensitive data from this version of your resume as a privacy measure. So, make sure your telephone number and address are not included.

Besides, your account on LinkedIn makes up a portion of your online presence; in the same way, recruiters check your social media profiles, and they will check your LinkedIn profile, so taking control of your posts is essential.

Uploading a Resume to a Job Page on LinkedIn

Instead of sitting back after you, upload your resume to LinkedIn and wait for job offers. It is better to be more proactive in searching for jobs and attaching your resume to any applications you make.

You will find that this method allows you to adapt your resume for any particular position. One thing that is worth noting is there is no way to upload your cover letter separately.

The way around this is to upload your cover letter and your LinkedIn resume as one file.

Here are the easy-to-follow steps when applying for jobs through LinkedIn.

  1. Search for the post you wish to apply
  2. Once you locate a position of interest, click the job title to see more details.
  3. Click on the ‘Easy Apply’ button at the top of the page. (Note, if ‘Apply’ shows and not the ‘Easy’ option, you are redirected to the company website or any job board where the application was posted.)
  4. Fill in all the required fields.
  5. Underneath ‘Resume (optional), click on ‘Upload resume’ to add your resume to your application. (Note: If you are not logged into your account, it is mandatory to add a resume at this stage.)
  6. Lastly, Click apply once you complete all the above

Uploading your Resume to LinkedIn

LinkedIn Resume Tips

The platform makes it easy to upload a resume on LinkedIn using the ‘Job Application Settings page.

You need to click the upload button inside the Resume section, and you can store the four most recent resumes on LinkedIn. You can use these for any future job applications you make.

Other things to note for resume tips are as follows:

  • Resume file sizes must be less than 5 MB (This includes cover letters and resumes sent as one)
  • File formats must be either Microsoft Word or PDF files only
  • It is possible to add resumes when applying for positions through the LinkedIn mobile web and LinkedIn app.

Other important things you need to be aware of are:

  • If you can’t upload your resume to LinkedIn, you may need to try another browser.
  • Once you submit an application for a job and haven’t included your online resume, it isn’t possible to go back and open the application to add this attachment.
  • When you submit your resume after submitting your application, you will need to contact the poster of the job using an InMail message. You can only do this is they include their contact information on the posting.

Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

When you first begin using LinkedIn, you may think it is better to post your resume in as many places for maximum exposure. LinkedIn doesn’t work in the same manner, and even if you can submit your resume for anyone to view, it isn’t always the best method.

You may give recruiters the wrong impression that you are not well-versed in the LinkedIn platform. They structure LinkedIn to allow you to expand on your experience much better than you can do on paper.

It will be far more beneficial to build up your LinkedIn profile because anyone wishing to read more about you can easily download your data as a PDF file to read like a resume.

How to Add Resume to Linkedin

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