How Long Should My Resume Be?

One or Two Page Resume

This is a question many job seekers ask, and it is one that doesn’t have a clear answer. No matter how much you search online, you’ll come up with several different solutions. You’ll have people saying a resume only one, to a couple of pages is sufficient, while other people might say a 4+ page … Read more

Should I Register My Details with a Recruiter?

Do Not Remove Your Address

A lot of job seeker’s ask themselves this question all the time, and a great deal is put off by the fact they feel a recruiter is an employer. There is nothing wrong with registering your details with a recruiter, the worst they can say is we will keep you on the books. You might … Read more

What Salary are you seeking? – How to answer?

There isn’t another job interview question that can make you more uncomfortable than “What salary do you want?” People usually tense up as they are unsure how to answer interview questions regarding the salary. While it’s illegal in some places, to ask about the current salary, hiring managers still ask about it. And you have … Read more

How can Networking help you in the Job Market?

No one can ignore the importance of networking for career development. The competition has increased a lot these days, and you won’t get a job call while having popcorn at home. Only sending resumes won’t help. You need to go out, meet with friends, people you know, meet with few more and be informed about … Read more

5 Ways To Get The Job of Your Dreams

If you have ever wondered if there is some special way to get the job of your dreams, the answer is yes. The essential part in this process is to have a great resume and a perfect accompanying cover letter. Here you can find five ways on how to get the job of your dreams … Read more

Top 5 Job Hunting Tips

When you are looking for a new role, you need to be job ready. You know how to write a good resume, and you know what to wear for your interview – these are the easy parts. Finding the jobs to apply for and getting your name out there is the hardest. Here are my … Read more

How a Career Adviser Can Help You

Sometimes we all need a bit of help with our careers. When we are searching for our dream job, it can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes we don’t have the confidence to take the plunge and make the change. Or we have been out of the game for a while and feel like the job … Read more