Why Do You Want to Work For Us

Why Do You Want to Work For Us

Although job interviews can be different for every person. They do follow a structure, which may not be apparent to the person sitting in the interview. All can be going well; the end may be in sight. Then, from out of nowhere, the interviewer can pose one of the most hated job interview questions, although … Read more

Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years

For the majority of people, sitting in an interview can be hard enough, no matter how much preparation they put in. You get to the point; you may be thinking everything is going well, and the end is in sight. All of a sudden, the interviewer can ask one of several questions you may struggle … Read more

How Far Back Should a Resume Go?

How Far Back Should a Resume Go

If you are writing a resume straight from college or you are new to the job market, then the answer for this is far easier than a person who has been working for half of their life. With limited work experience, there is only so far back you can go in your resume, but if … Read more

How to Write a Letter of Resignation

Throughout a person’s career, they can often decide to leave their current position and seek new employment. In some cases, a resignation letter may be because they no longer agree with the company, and decide enough is enough, or there are other reasons it is time to move on. In both instances, it is better … Read more

How to Address a Cover Letter

How to Address a Cover Letter

Although you will have the best resume possible, it means little unless it is sent along with a great cover letter. However, one of the biggest problems for job seekers is they may struggle with creating a cover letter. Although the content is vital, signing off a cover letter is as important as addressing a … Read more

How to End a Cover Letter

How to End a Cover Letter

When you are applying for a position within a company, you need a strong resume that is written in such a way, you can deliver your message clearly without confusion. It used to be the case, a CV was enough to land a role, but now there is more competition and employers are seeking more … Read more

How to Write a Career Objective

Once you begin taking interviews, you will need to present all your experiences. For newcomers to the job market this can be hard, yet showing a high level of education can usually suffice. However, potential employers are taking things a step further and wish to know your objectives. Professional experience only goes so far, and … Read more

Why Being Truthful when Writing a Resume is Important

Dress to Impress

Many job hunters feel they don’t have all the skills and attributes that employers are looking for. As a result, when it comes to writing their resume, they are tempted to expand on the truth to make them appear much better qualified than they already are. Unfortunately, this is one way that will backfire on … Read more

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job Application

how to start your cover letter

Many job applications are structured in certain ways, the hiring company doesn’t get just to this for ease of reading for the applicants, but they do it to weed out individuals from the very first letter they have in their job posting. The sneakiest trick they use is in the case of ‘cover letter optional’ … Read more