Career Enhancement – is this job for me?

More often than not, people take jobs not because they have a genuine interest in the field, but because it puts food on the table. It is just a means to an end. But if you stick with this way of thinking, you’re not going to advance too far in whatever field you are currently employed in.

So, you may ask yourself, what will help in advancing my career? I will try to answer that question and more hopefully, explain a few career advancement strategies as well.


It all starts with your resume writing. Before you even apply for a job, create a plan! Otherwise, you will just be going with the flow, and following and being influenced by others, your whole life.

What you need to do is, clearly identify where you want to be in five or ten years – set objectives, and find what is the best possible way to achieve your objectives, with your skill set and resources. This is the most basic and fundamental part.

You cannot just willy-nilly move on every time, to what seems like a better opportunity. Stick with it, learn, and understand that you don’t become a senior executive (if that is what you want to be for example) overnight. It takes time, determination, hard work and most of all, self-discipline.


You will have to make sacrifices but in the end, it will pay off. These are some of the basic requirements. If you can condition yourself according to these, you can achieve greatness no matter where you go.

Socialise! Get networking! The proverb “Out of sight, out of mind” defines humans pretty well. Get to know people both inside and outside your company. Do not make enemies. The more people who know and understand you, the better it will be in the long term.

Focus on quality, not quantity! Go for projects that are better suited to your skills and where you can do your best work. Do not bite off more than you can chew, it is very important to know your limits. Because it’s not just you that will be affected by your failure, but the entire company.

Get to know your superiors! Now, this does not mean to kiss up to your boss, but understand what they expect from you, and how best can you live up to these expectations. A good working relationship with your boss, is a sure winner!

Be a team player! You must work well with others. That’s the most important thing that’s required from top career-advancementmanagers and executives. You need to be able to deal with your subordinates properly.

Stand out from your coworkers. Now, this does not mean that you need to be rude towards others, but stand out by properly showing off all your skills and capabilities to the ones in power. They need to know that you can handle the responsibility and pressure well.

And last, but certainly not the least, is your attitude. No one wants to work with a pessimist, someone who brings down the whole office.

Have a positive attitude, one that is respectful and inclusive of others and knows that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. It is on you on how to use them properly, and for that, a good attitude is most important.

Do not be afraid of failure, but don’t use it as an excuse either. Learn from it and grow.

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