How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

When applying for near enough any position these days, you do need to submit a resume. When you have a paper resume, hiring managers skim through these to find candidates that sound appealing. Lucky ones can go onto the next stage of the decision-making process and attend an interview. One of the issues now is … Read more

How to Add Resume to Linkedin

How to Add Resume to Linkedin

For business networking, there is no other site or service as good as LinkedIn. Job seekers and business professionals use it. There are above 3 million jobs posted on the platform every month just from the USA. This alone makes it an excellent way for potential employers to notice you while conducting your job search. … Read more

How Far Back Should a Resume Go?

How Far Back Should a Resume Go

If you are writing a resume straight from college or you are new to the job market, then the answer for this is far easier than a person who has been working for half of their life. With limited work experience, there is only so far back you can go in your resume, but if … Read more

How to Write a Career Objective

Once you begin taking interviews, you will need to present all your experiences. For newcomers to the job market this can be hard, yet showing a high level of education can usually suffice. However, potential employers are taking things a step further and wish to know your objectives. Professional experience only goes so far, and … Read more

Why Being Truthful when Writing a Resume is Important

Dress to Impress

Many job hunters feel they don’t have all the skills and attributes that employers are looking for. As a result, when it comes to writing their resume, they are tempted to expand on the truth to make them appear much better qualified than they already are. Unfortunately, this is one way that will backfire on … Read more

Should I Include My Social Media Details on my Resume?

Blogs or Online Side Businesses

Times are changing, and what used to be the norm when applying for jobs and writing your resume has changed drastically. Social media is the number one pastime that many individuals undertake in. For this reason, when it comes to writing a resume, the old question of ‘should I add my social media details’ to … Read more

What is the Best Font to Use on a Resume?

calibri font for modern resume

Finding a job these days is harder than ever. There are fewer positions available, and there are many more applicants for each position. This leads to hiring firms dealing with an increased number of resumes to wade through than ever before. In larger companies, resumes can be scanned without being read by any of the … Read more

What Employers Want to See in a Resume

creating a good resume

All job seekers like to think their resume will stand out for the crowd when it is submitted for a job. The reality is in many instances, a resume isn’t actually read from start to finish, and it is looked at for only a few seconds before it is placed on one of two piles. … Read more

How Long Should My Resume Be?

One or Two Page Resume

This is a question many job seekers ask, and it is one that doesn’t have a clear answer. No matter how much you search online, you’ll come up with several different solutions. You’ll have people saying a resume only one, to a couple of pages is sufficient, while other people might say a 4+ page … Read more