How to Deal with Today’s Competitive Job Market.

Follow these simple guidelines to get an edge over the competition.

1. Throw the spotlight on yourself

Before you dive into the job market 2017, it’s essential to decide a specific direction you need to take to create the greatest value for yourself.

spotlight on yourself for job interview

Here’s an example.

You love brands. But there is some that appeal to you more: it may be how they look, their attitude, how they talk to you, or what they stand for.

Similarly, see yourself as a brand – think what qualities will appeal to employers in your chosen field, and use your strengths to develop those qualities.

It will help you to differentiate yourself and help you stand out. You can also use assessment tools like You Publication, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, etc.

2. Recognise the value of relevant contacts

Once you’ve personally done all you can to develop your strengths, try enhancing them further by landing a part-time job. You can also try volunteering in your specific field.

Just like it makes sense to know the object of your desire’s inner circle, likewise, these stints will increase your chances of meeting relevant contacts.

Such a network in your chosen niche can prove invaluable when it comes to information about vacancies in the 2017 job market.

3. Focus on making a great first impression

Remember how important it was to make a great impression on your first love?
Impressing your future boss is also the same. You need to find a professional resume writing service to get that crucial cover letter done when seeking employment, especially in the most competitive job fields.

first impression on job interview

4. Double-check Social Media Profiles

Are there any photos that you wouldn’t want your future boss to see? Any comments or errors? You get the idea. Spruce up your social media footprint and showcase your skills and talents that you have.

5. Certify your skills

It makes you look professional and strong if you have certification for your skills and talents. Whether it’s a one-time workshop, a short course or a University degree, it’s always a great way to show that you’ve got your bearings in place.

6. The research comes before the search

Do regular research of potential companies. Better still, get your career services to find opportunities that fit your profile.
Whether it’s working in Australia or overseas, they can help you identify the right workplace. Don’t rule out the overseas angle as a lot of candidates find getting a job easier in Australia post their experience abroad.

7. Your strategy for the right job must include LinkedIn and Facebook

Keep your LinkedIn profile updated. Most employers tend to check out your work statistics before calling you for an interview.

Get acquainted with LinkedIn jobs and start following organisations that you would like to work with. Most companies have a hiring strategy which includes LinkedIn and Facebook. You can learn by observing the career path of deserving profiles.

8. Be Positive

Fierce competition is what describes the job market. So it is all the more necessary to take rejections in your stride while keeping a positive attitude.

How To Deal With Todays Competitive Job Market

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