What Employers Want to See in a Resume

Your resume is the first chance you will get to make a strong, positive impression. But it is not easy.

If you have all the qualifications, then there’s half your work done, but if not it, it’s going to be an uphill battle. The following requirements are the same for your cover letter and personal statement as well.

Employers Want to See in a Resume

First of all, let’s start with what employers don’t want to see in a resume:

• Your personal history: if it’s not related to the job you’re applying for and won’t affect your performance then the employer doesn’t need to know about it.
• Don’t make any demands from the employer on your resume.
• Keep any strange or weird “hobbies” and extracurricular activities out of the resume. As accepting and tolerant the world has become these days, this is the one place you don’t need to bring them up.
• Focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t. If you’re not meeting any requirements, then mention something else, but don’t ever lie on your resume. It will get out of hand pretty quickly, and in this age of technology where everyone is just a google search away, you don’t want to get caught lying on your resume and then get blacklisted by the company.
• Make sure your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, etc., all appear in a professional light. Make sure what you wrote in your resume matches your social media profiles as if you get selected; there’s a pretty good chance you will be googled thoroughly. You can tell a lot about a person from their activity feed.

social media profiles for resume
• Don’t have any immature email addresses. I made the mistake of putting down my very first email address, which as a 13-year-old Xbox gamer at that time, I thought was pretty cool, but as an adult applying for a job, not so much. Same goes for Skype names and other usernames that you might need to mention or might be associated with you.
• Always put in your most recent information. An email address that you check regularly. Make it a habit. I always keep one tab open in the browser with my emails.

What Employers Look for in a Resume 2017:

Resume 2017

• Tailor make each and every resume. Be smart, it is not a lottery, and blind luck will not get you anywhere. Only apply for jobs that you can do, and that you have qualifications for. Sending out a single version of resume en masse will not get you anything other than ignored. If the employer notices that you have put in some work on the resume, it will get more attention.
• That you will give it your all, and the company’s best interest is what you have in mind. They need to know that you care about the job. Mention if you have any skills or have any achievements like an employee of the month at your previous job. They want to know that you will go above and beyond to do what’s best for the company.
• The top 5 characteristics of a good resume are communication skills, cultural experience, commitment, enthusiasm, and openness.

If your resume meets the criteria mentioned above, then you will have several job interviews in no time.