How Do I Prepare for an Interview?

A little bit of preparation goes a long way, and it won’t take long anyway. Preparation for a job interview will include several things, but the easiest way to figure what you need, is to put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes.

Prepare for an Interview

They will be putting their reputation on the line by vouching for you and your skills as an employee, so you need to present yourself in a way that it answers one simple question; If I was the interviewer, would I hire myself?

1. The first thing you need to do is doing some research. Get on Google and start looking up information about the company. What they do, what’s their mission statement, what type of organisational culture do they have, recent news about the company and any plans, or go through their press releases, if its public, etc.
2. Then contact the company and ask them about the dress code, ask for a detailed job description if you haven’t already, find out who will be conducting the interview and whether or not the manager him/herself will be there or just the HR personnel. Find out their expectations. This can be best done by looking at other people working at the same level as you.
3. Then using the data from the research conducted, make a list of questions that you’re going to ask the job interview tipsinterviewer, but please make sure that they are actual questions. What I mean, is don’t ask questions which have already been covered – there is no use asking the same question, in a different way. And when the interviewer is answering your questions, or has answered them, you could give a few insights that you have already prepared, which not only makes you look smart and capable, but it shows that you understood what he/she was trying to say. How to answer job interview questions is more or less the same, give concise answers and don’t say anything if you’re not sure.
4. If there are any problems with your CV, prepare answers beforehand. Like if why you left your previous job? Why only worked for less than six months? Things like that.
5. Contact your references and inform them beforehand that they might be contacted and should be prepared.
6. Job interview what to wear: this is very important and depends on a number of things. If you followed this list, then job interview to wearyou should have asked for the dress code, in which case just do what they told you. But if not, do some research, try to find out who your interviewer will be and just google the person.

The culture of an organisation will significantly affect the way they dress. You don’t want to be overdressed and make the other person feel awkward, or be underdressed and make yourself look unprepared and someone who is not taking the interview seriously.

If the interviewer thinks that you didn’t even put in enough effort to dress up properly, then why would he/she hire you?

You must find that fine line and tread carefully. Best you stick with a suit, something slightly informal, not too bright, grey, black and any dark colour will do just fine.

How Do I Prepare For An Interview

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