How to Beat Job Interview Nerves and Be a Confident Candidate

It’s not particularly easy to stay calm and confident for an interview when you have your whole life and future at stake.

You can get cold feet, sweaty palms, and even stutter during the interview. Others may even answer incorrectly due to nervousness. These can be downright embarrassing but totally understandable.

Beat Job Interview

Because applicants are judged by their entirety as a person and as a possible workmate, every word you utter bears great impact on the outcome of the interview.

It then becomes imperative that we beat the nerves and be a confident candidate. Review ways of addressing selection criteria examples can also help calm your nerves.


The best way to beat those nerves is to come prepared. Know the competition you are joining. Research about the company, the industry and the position you are applying for.

These will give you hints on what to answer and how to answer the questions that may be fired at you. Anticipate the job interview questions and answers.

Since you are mentally prepared, physical preparation is also a must. Dress appropriately will also have a positive impact on the interviewer’s opinion on you.

You should also look neat and presentable. How you dress up can be an easy determining factor of your attitude as a worker.


Think positive thoughts can boost your confidence and keep the jitters away. With the competition very high, Job interview questionsinterviewers may look intimidating or even intimidates applicants purposefully.

This is to gauge how well you can keep your head and coolness. It also tests your ability to handle pressure.

Before going to your interview, give yourself a pep talk. Listen to music that awakens your energy and set up some good vibes in you. Your positive aura can also be reflected by the way you handle the tough questions.

Breathe In and Breathe Out

Breathing is a subconscious thing that we sometimes forget as soon as anxiety attacks. Not only do we look stressed or panicky when we hold our breath, but it also causes blanking and stuttering. Breathing helps clear our head and think on our feet.

There are breathing techniques that can help reduce anxiety and stress which may be helpful before heading out to your interview.

Proper Pacing

Often, we stutter and mumble incoherent words when we get nervous. These are obvious signs of anxiety taking over. Confident Candidate It’s alright to pause, breathe and analyze before answering.

Compose yourself and the answer to the question. Speak in moderate speed to express clearly your thoughts. The interview is not about how fast you can answer the question, but on how sensible your answer is.

We understand that the pressure may be high especially when we have much at stake. Interviews become the defining point of our career.

Be sure to send a thank you email after the job interview. Our desperation to receive a paycheck adds to the already building pressure of being hired right away. This should not be the case.

True as it is that we do need the job to sustain our daily needs. It is also a moment for us to prove our worth and
make ourselves who we want to be.


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