How to Research the Company You are Having an Interview With

Preparation is the key to helping cut that fear and anxiety for the interview. The moment you send in your résumé, you have to do your homework first.

That means you have to know what you are coming in for and know your battlegrounds. It also means familiarity with the company. Knowledge of their products and services, and the place you are applying for.

But these are the basics. There are a lot more to it, and we will be your guide on how to research the company.

Get to know the company

1. Get to know the company

It is important to make a good first impression. And no other better way to do this is to know the company history, their site, and their core values.

Knowing this ahead will give you an edge and show sincere interest in working with them. Use your knowledge about the company in writing your job application cover letter.

Be quick to check as well the “Investor Relations” tab to know about the company’s stability. This will be a guide for you to foresee where the company is heading.

Make use of these facts for the cover letter for the job opening. Some huge companies show their annual reports and recent press release. Get the latest updates. There are newly launched products which you may later use during the interview.

2. Check Social Media Interaction

Social Media InteractionApplications today not only uses the functional style resume to know about you. Social media plays an important role, too. Somewhere along the application process, the interviewer may check your social media profile.

To learn more about you and how you would qualify for the place is often determined based on what they find.

You may return the favor by checking the company’s LinkedIn profile to check their latest events. This is usually posted on blogs. LinkedIn is also a good avenue to check the background of the company. Learn about their latest updates featured on their page.

On Facebook and Twitter, check as well how they interact with comments. Are they casual or formal? How well do they address complaints? That will tell a lot about the company values.

3. Know the Competitors

It is wise to get a view of the bigger picture of the industry itself.  A little knowledge about the company’s top competitors will give you an insight of how the company is doing.

Give hints that you have done your research well. It creates an impression that care and would like to grow with the company.

Knowing a thing or two about the company is good. But to dig deeper defines your personality as an applicant and a worker.

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