How to Write a Letter of Resignation

Throughout a person’s career, they can often decide to leave their current position and seek new employment.

In some cases, a resignation letter may be because they no longer agree with the company, and decide enough is enough, or there are other reasons it is time to move on.

In both instances, it is better to write a resignation letter that is formal and professional.

Writng a Formal Resignation Letter

You never know, when you may need the support of your old company, and in particular, your old boss.

The opportunity to work in another place can be why, yet what happens if that all goes wrong, and your new job isn’t what it was supposed to be? Your old company may be willing to take you back, so you don’t want to burn your bridges.

Here you can learn how to write a resignation letter without following a resignation letter template.

You will also learn what to include, and what not to include as this can be vital to leaving on good terms.

How Do You Write a Formal Letter of Resignation?

It is good practice to send resignation letters and inform any manager you report to in person. However, even if you tell them orally, your letter delivers the official intention to leave the company.

Your resignation letter need not be complicated, yet it does need to consist of a few things to satisfy human resources inside the company.

What you should include in your resignation letter

While there doesn’t have to be a reason you are leaving, it is advisable to keep your letter simple and direct.

Here is a breakdown of what to include in your letter:

Intent to Resign: This is the main purpose of the letter, so you need to declare it as such at the start of your letter. It also needs to give an adequate amount of notice period to your employer.

Last Day of Work: One of the most important things you need to include is the last day you intend to work. This can include other details, and it will help both you and the employer finalize everything on the same day.

Thank You: To be professional, it is customary to offer a thank you to your employer. Take the time to be grateful for their opportunities and mention any experiences you gained while being in their employment.

Offering to Assist in Transition: No matter what your reasons for leaving, always offer to help with the transition if they will have one by the time you leave, or they need help in recruiting a new employee.

This shows your old employer some respect and can provide an exit that isn’t blocked from ever returning.

Contact Information: Be sure to include your contact information so you can be reached if required.

It may be there is an issue with your final salary, or they haven’t completed everything by your final departure.

How Not to Write a Resignation Letter

One of the biggest mistakes some disgruntled employees make is to use their letter of resignation to deliver complaints.

How Do I Write My 2 Weeks Notice?

It is courtesy, and two weeks notice is seen as the minimum amount of time to hand in your notice to a company.

A resignation letter 2 week notice period offers enough chance to complete all your current tasks, inform all your co-workers and direct managers you are leaving, and what will be required to complete your duties once you have gone.

It is better to hand over any 2-week notice letter in person, although you can attach a simple letter of resignation to a formal email if not possible.

However, here are the steps needed to comprise a good two weeks resignation letter.

  1. Include your full name, the date, address, email address and a subject line
  2. State you are resigning ‘please accept this letter as my resignation.’
  3. Include the last day of employment
  4. Add a brief statement for your reason to leave (this is fully optional) but keep it brief.
  5. Add your statement to show gratitude.
  6. Close with your signature and printed name.

Resignation Letter Guide

How Do I Write a Short Letter of Resignation?

In some circumstances, it may not be possible to write two weeks resignation letters. If this occurs, you will need to change tact and write a resigning letter covering a shorter period.

This can be for a number of reasons and include personal emergencies, or you have a job offer where the new job needs you to begin immediately. It could also be your current job isn’t easy to bear any more, and you need a break.

You do need to consider all sides when you write a resign letter which in many cases means you end that day. Your employer would like as much notice as possible, even in resignation letters of this type.

Here are the basic requirements you should add. You can use this as a simple resignation letter sample for the sections to add your details, although you can find many other templates of resignation letters online.

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Your City, State Postcode
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Email
  • Date
  • Manager Name
  • Manager Title
  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • City, State Postcode

Because you are giving less than the customary two week period for a resignation letter, you can use this section as a sample resignation leading paragraph.

Dear Mr./Ms. (Surname/ Last Name)

Please accept this letter as my formal notification I will be resigning from duty with (company name) on (Day and Date). I fully understand that it is customary to give two weeks notice. However, I have to leave my current position by (Add the time you will leave) because of personal circumstances.

I will be happy to offer any assistance during this transition. I would also like to thank you and the company for many opportunities and development I have gained over my time here.

I have enjoyed working for (company) and appreciate the support given to me.


Signature on a hard copy letter

Printed Name


The above sample resignation letter can be changed and tweaked as appropriate. Like any resignation letter example or resignation letter templates, make sure you, please let your employer know in your writing style.

Be polite and ready to help any search for a replacement team member. Jobs are hard to come by, and in the future, you may find you need to submit your application with your old company, or at least keep in touch.

How to Write a Letter of Resignation

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