Should I Include My Social Media Details on my Resume?

Times are changing, and what used to be the norm when applying for jobs and writing your resume has changed drastically.

Social media is the number one pastime that many individuals undertake in. For this reason, when it comes to writing a resume, the old question of ‘should I add my social media details’ to my resume crops up time and time again.

The answer to this is now very far from easy. If it were a matter of adding the interviewer or the company owner as a friend on Facebook, then no, it wouldn’t be wise to add them.

Here we will look at what you can include to stand out from the crowd and what social media can be included on your well-crafted resume.

LinkdIn on Your ResumeLinkedIn

This is one social media presence that can be safely included on a resume. LinkedIn goes way beyond friendly social circles and can be the one place online to get noticed.

It is full of like-minded professionals, or even the thousands of business-minded people. To many people, LinkedIn might not be as much fun as many other social media platforms, but it is the first place that can improve your chances of being spotted.

A LinkedIn resume can be an extension of your submitted resume. This can be a great way of being sure your submitted resume stays on one page.

If you use this platform and want to include it on your resume, you must know how to navigate to your LinkedIn profile. The last thing any employer wants to do is start searching for profiles.

Facebook on Your ResumeFacebook Social Profile

Facebook should never be included in your list of social media on your resume. However, even though you don’t add it, you need to pass the ‘eye test’ should an employer search for you on the platform.

As a rule, if you have a Facebook page, this is very different from a regular FB account profile.

Twitter on Your ResumeTwitter on Your Resume?

Second, LinkedIn is Twitter. This can be very beneficial to add to your resume. It is one of the best platforms for self-branding, and through the use of your feed, you can expand on your list of skills for a resume as well as your attributes.

With your feed, you can tell a personal story, and show your interests what is crucial, though, is that you are seen as public and active in your posting. This would also go down to your followers.

One of the important things is you can show you are sharing and dynamic, and that you are a multifaceted personality. This makes you more compelling to an employer when they are making their decision.

Social Media Platforms to be Wary Of

We have seen that FB should be very carefully considered, even if it can offer the broadest range of exposure. The problem is, it could be the wrong type of exposure. Out of all of the social media platforms, FB is the most personal, which leads it to be not the best choice.

The second one to be careful of is Instagram. Although it is an excellent platform, it is a niche platform and shows more of what you find essential rather than your perspective.

One final one that you should be cautious about using is YouTube. It can be a great way to show you using skills or showing how you demonstrate leadership, but as there are so many comments being left on each video posted, the wrong impression might be set to no fault of your own.

Other Social Media Things to be Cautious of

The right social media details can lead to you showing off some of your skills, what is essential though is deciding if they are skills you will be portraying.

It could be, you are highly active, but this doesn’t mean you possess social media marketing skills.

It is the same for any skill you have on your resume; you need to back it up.

Another area to be cautious of is, are your social media details and profiles safe for work? If you have any pictures which are deemed inappropriate, the inclusion of your details could quickly backfire on you.

This is even worse when you profess to be a professional in the field. In this case, you should make sure your privacy settings are correct; personal should remain personal.

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How To Write A Simple Resume?

When you are looking at writing your resume, and keeping it simple while including social media platforms. It can quickly become difficult due to space restrictions.

A simple way around this is to build a personal landing page. This can quickly be done using a “chimp” service or one of the other many services that allow you to do this.

Here you can include all of your personal social media profiles in one place and show what is important to you, and it will highlight your skills in creating such a page. All you would do then is add one link to access all of your profiles.


Adding the correct social media details on your resume can be an excellent way to show your skills. But, if you don’t know how to add them correctly, it could negatively affect.

Social media profiles will need to be checked to ensure any of the content is worthy of being included.

When you are job hunting, you will need these to support your resume and increase your chances of landing the job you desire.

Skills required to produce the best social pages aren’t easy for everyone, and also making sure they extend beyond your resume can quickly become overwhelming.

If you feel you are undecided about what to do for the best, you can quickly seek the assistance of a resume writing service.

As with all tips and tricks for producing professional resumes, they will have the skills and experience of how best to use your social media details and show you in the best light possible.

Should I Include My Social Media Details On My Resume

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