Tips and Advice

What to Do and What Not to Do!

When it comes to resumes, people don’t know where to draw the line – they either have too much information, or not enough.

Here are some basic do’s and don’ts :-


  • Be thorough and precise, but don’t “waffle on”
  • Put your job history from most current to oldest (not the other way around)
  • Be clear with what your position was, when you held that position and what duties you carried out
  • Carry out a spellcheck! There is nothing worse than a resume full of errors, but don’t always rely on the spellcheck function. It is always good to read through your resume word by word from start to finish.
  • Be creative, both in words and format
  • Keep the format the same throughout – don’t change fonts, font sizes, etc


  • Use tacky and cheap graphics (no-one is interested in Clipart!)
  • Have a cover letter than goes on and on – your cover letter should be no more than 1 page long
  • Apply for jobs that you are not qualified for – you are wasting not only the potential employer’s time, but yours also
  • Lie – the worst thing you can do is lie – don’t say you can do things, that you can’t
  • Include irrelevant information – no-one needs to know your weight, passport number or marital status
  • Try to be too fancy – use a professional and easy to read font
  • Use a resume template – no two resumes should be the same!

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