Top 5 Tips for Securing a Job

The process of getting a job has never been more complicated. An efficient resume, eye-catching cover letter, and a few rounds or interviews are the bare minimum.

Tips for Securing a Job

Here are some tips on how to make it easier for yourself and secure your dream job.

1. The Resume:

Your resume needs to reflect who you are as a person, as well as what you’ve achieved. The hiring managers don’t want claims of who you, so leave “team player,” “self-motivated” and “perfectionist” behind. Show rather than tell. Successful resumes are built around results obtained in previous jobs or volunteer experiences.

If you want your resume to look like it was written by professional resume writers you have two options: get some job resume help or do tones of research and do it yourself.

2. The Personal Statement:dream job

A good personal statement is there to inform the hiring managers who you are and why you matter. Try to keep it shorter than 150 words and focus on the education you’ve finished and the skills you’ve learned so far. It’s useful to keep it flexible so that you can quickly change the skills outlined depending on the position you’re applying for.

3. The Objective:

Don’t confuse the objective with the personal statement – that’s rule number one. You will usually have one or the other. The aim is there to answer the question: why I want this job? You need to tailor it to the job you’re applying for, which means putting in some time in research of the company and the position. Here’s your chance to convince them you’re the shiny star that will bring them glory.

4. The Cover Letter:

The cover letter exists so that you can outline every good quality you have which will be beneficial for the company. Tell them why they need to hire you. What are you bringing to the table? This is the first time you are answering the question: why you? What makes you so special?

Focus on your strengths, demonstrate how they will cultivate success and show how you will fit it. Do research on the company and show the recruiters that you embody the company values.

5. The Job Interview: Job Interview Preparedness

The interview process is designed to test your limits. The questions will be tricky; the interviewers might try the “good cop, bad cop” routine on you and you will probably feel like you gave some bad answers. The way to overcome this is to prepare and prepare well. Everything, from what you wear to how you talk and what you say, needs to be prepared beforehand.

Research the position and prepare some questions for them. Think about the most common questions asked; be ready to talk about your experiences and what you’ve learned from them, and about your strengths and weaknesses. Be true to yourself, but demonstrate you will be an excellent addition to their team. Show them you care.

I can sum up all these tips in two words: research and prepare. These are the only foolproof ways of getting the position you’ve been dreaming off. Slacking off is for the weak. You’ve got this!


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