The 5 Most Common Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

So, you landed an interview? Time to pat yourself on the back and chill until the interview time comes? Not quite yet.

To truly ace your interview and land an actual job, you will need to be prepared to answer some job interview questions designed to poke and probe at you.

Common Interview Questions

Even when you think you’re out of the woods after finishing the first round of interviews, the second interview questions lie in wait to ambush you at your most vulnerable. Fear not! I’m here to help you with answering some of the top interview questions:

No. 1: What is your greatest strength?interview greatest strength

Don’t walk blindly into this and mutter the first thing that comes to mind. They will ask for an example of when you displayed it.

It’s best to come up with an answer to this question before the interview itself and remember a situation in which the strength of your choosing is visible.

If you, for example, chose “work ethic” be sure to explain when your work ethic has gotten the job done so that it’s visible in the minds of the interviewer.

No. 2: What is your greatest weakness? interview greatest weakness

Similarly to the previous question, you will need to think beforehand. The trick is to choose a weakness that is fixable and would not affect the position you’re applying for negatively.

Know that you will also be asked how you’re working on overcoming it as a follow-up, so think of some simple ways of improvement.

If you, for example, chose “public speaking” make sure to tell them how your work ethic is helping you and how you’re planning on improving.

A right answer could be: I try to volunteer for leading any large group meetings available and have started attending Toastmaster’s meetings. Be as honest as you can be, though!

No. 3: Why should we hire you?

There are two things you need to know here: the company and yourself. How do your values line up with the companies? How will your skills contribute to their success? The interviewers want to hear that you care enough to do the research. They’re assessing how you’ll fit in. Don’t give them a reason to doubt! List a few skills and think of they how will help the company grow before the interview. You’ll be happy you did it after.

No. 4: Describe a difficult work situation/project and how you overcame it.

The interviewers want to see how you deal with stress and confrontations. Examples are your friends. They want to hear a particular situation and how you dealt with it.

For instance: Last month my report was almost late due to some of my staff members being late with their data. I had to take action, so I made sure to sit with them as they work to make sure I get it all in time.

No. 5: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Why should we hire you

Recruiters will ask you this to see how far down the line you’re thinking. Of course, it would be best to map out your path in their company.

Or, if you didn’t do enough research to do that, you could always turn the question on them by saying: I would love to be still working in “company name.” Could you tell me more about how I can progress here?

Feel more prepared now? You should be! Now, get to work and get that job! Let me know how the interview went.


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