What Are You Passionate About (How to Answer)

Interviews are hard enough at the best of times. They can get even more complicated when interviewers begin asking their common interview questions you thought you might have gotten away from being asked.

No matter how much you prepare, one that can catch you out is the “What are you passionate about?” interview question.

It may cross your mind, what does this question have to do with the job you’re applying for? Unfortunately, you will need to answer this question, and if you prepare correctly, it can work to your advantage as much as theirs.

Interview Question like What are you passionate about

Why Employers Ask, “What Are You Passionate About?”

Many employers ask this common interview question. It offers insights into different areas about you:

  • What are you motivated by?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What personal and professional interests do you possess?

Employers must find the best way to make their internal operational teams as efficient as possible. Understanding what inspires their employees as they answer the question can help achieve this.

Once they ask what you’re passionate about can help the hiring manager understand the motivation you need should they hire you. It also shows if there are any tasks, hobbies, or pastimes you commit yourself to in your personal life and help to make you a sound-rounded person.

They will also gain insight into your strengths as you may use these for your passion. For example, if you like helping people, you will likely have many soft skills like excellent communication, empathy, and good organization. Lastly, it allows employers to make personal connections on a personal level so they can see if they fit into the company culture.

How to answer, “What are you passionate about?”

When you’re interviewing, you may feel threatened by the “what am I passionate about?” question; however, even if it is one of the most common interview questions, it should be easier to answer as long as you are prepared for it being asked.

You can look at each area to help answer this question in any job interview.

Make sure you select something you are genially passionate about: If you are sitting in job interviews, and they ask this question, you are not prepared.

One of the best tips for answering this is to think of something you look forward to doing, or it makes the time fly past quickly. Speaking with enthusiasm and confidence is what they wish to see. Generic answers will not do you any favours, and potential employers can tell if you are making it up.

Please explain why you have passion: Although the question is personal, you will begin with, I’m passionate… it would help if you took some time to explain why you have such passion.

Besides, you ought to be slipping in things related to the job you’re applying for; hence, the preparation you should be doing. For example, if you have a passion for cooking, it can relate to following instructions and being creative while taking risks. Such skills are valuable in any job.

Offer passion examples: Even if you pick something you have a great passion for, you still need to show what degree you have for this activity or passion.

If you are passionate about aid in communities full of less fortunate, you can explain how you volunteer to help particular organizations. Doing so shows you are actively committed to your passion and committed to carrying on pursuing it. If there are long-term goals in your passion, highlight these as it shows you can invest time for the duration of the activity.

Make sure your passion relates to your job: The best career advice is to make sure your passion can relate to your job search. Besides, the information you supplied in your cover letter should contain what you are speaking of in your answers.

By doing so, you know what you are talking about, and the employers can see it is not made up on the spur of the moment. At the end of your answer, all you have said should relate to the position; and why you are the ideal candidate.

One good thing about this question is that it can be very useful if you apply for an entry-level position. Your passion can override your lack of workplace experience as long as you use excellent skills. The interviewer will likely ask some follow-up questions, yet you are over the hardest part of that stage.

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What are You Passionate About Examples

Here are a couple of sample answers regarding this question.

Example 1: “What I’m passionate about is clean living. It is something my parents have been teaching me since I was younger. Therefore, I like working in the fitness industry. I can mix both personal interests and my passion for my career.”

Example 2: “I’m passionate about art. I teach one class weekly in the evenings and make time to indulge myself on weekends with any form of art. I feel more creative and relaxed by following this as my passion. So much that some of my creative ideas come from working at home.”


You can find many interview tips regarding any questions you may be asked in an interview; however, there are no tips that can help you answer something deeply personal.

You can prepare, yet as long as you are passionate about something, you can quickly fly through this question and shine to your potential employer.

What Are You Passionate About (How to Answer)

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