Why Do You Want to Work For Us

Although job interviews can be different for every person. They do follow a structure, which may not be apparent to the person sitting in the interview.

All can be going well; the end may be in sight. Then, from out of nowhere, the interviewer can pose one of the most hated job interview questions, although they may phrase it in different ways.

“Why do you want to work for us?”

“Why do you want to work here?”

Common Job Interview Questions

The above are the most common ways you will hear this interview question, yet some hiring managers may change it up a little and ask, “Why do you want to work for this company?”

What you need to learn is why they ask this question in a job interview, and how you answer the question because it isn’t easy.

Why Does the Interviewer Ask This Question?

To a certain degree, it is kind of a trick question. Your answer isn’t, particularly why you are seeking that job. Instead, they want to understand why the position and the company in particular appeal to you.

Here is why they always ask this common interview question.

  • You see, the question is specific to that particular company instead of why you chose that kind of position. If other companies are hiring, you could have chosen the same position in any, so why that company?
  • The hiring manager uses this question to gauge how well you understand the company culture. Did you research the company, did you check out their social media pages? Do you know what projects they are undertaking?
  • The question is well tested, and an interviewer knows it works. It digs deep to find your skillset, and the skills you have that can aid the company in reaching its goals and objectives. Above all, it shows if you are a good fit for the company ideals.

Job seekers have to understand; there is more to an applicant than cover letters and a great resume. It is the person behind all this the interviewer is trying to find.

Once they understand your career goals, they can see how you fit in with the company’s core values. In equal measure, they also find out how the company fits in with your long-term plans.

It is a tricky question and made up of many parts; however, with some preparation, you can be ready to answer this question, no matter how an interviewer asks you.

How to Answer, “Why Do You Want to Work for Us?”

When you are preparing for these tricky interview questions, you can look at these sections, instead of looking at the, “Why you want to work for us?” question as a whole.

Once you follow these steps, you ought to be prepared with the best answers for any questions they ask.

The Company Website

Any interviewers will want you to do your research, and this question will show the amount you have done.

Interested candidates will know more about the company than just the types of business they conduct. They will see the mission statement, company background, and possible chief team members.

Areas to check are the “Careers” and “About Us” sections. You can find plenty of information here, depending on the size of the company.

Social Media

Depending on the extent of the social presence of the company, there can be different information posted. Be sure to pay close attention to their posts in the run-up to your interview.

If you notice some interesting information, have no rights reserved, and are relevant to your career. Note it down and use this when compiling sample answers.

Importance of Cover Letter to you Job Interview

Study the Job Description

You will be studying the job description while compiling your cover letter and your resume.

You may need to refresh yourself on what the contents and terminology are because the interviewer will check you have a good understanding of the position you are applying to.

Make sure you know if there are any particular job responsibilities, which are out of the regular ones associated with any specific position.

What Do You Like About the Job?

All through your job search, pay attention to what you like about any position you apply. You will include your goals, objectives, and anything else that aligns between the job posting and your objectives.

Highlight Your Core Values

Once you list your values and goals, pick out the ones that are similar to those of the company. By doing so, you can make it easier for potential employers to visualize you in the position above another candidate.

If you are unsure what your values are, answer the following:

  • What is your motivation?
  • What culture would you like to work in?
  • What are the personal and professional qualities you wish to develop?
  • What role model qualities do you admire?

Best Ways to Answer Why Do You Want to Work Here

It can be hard to offer up samples because every answer will vary for the person and the position on offer.

While the question is the same, no company is the same as another, and you can’t answer the question without going through the steps above.

One of the most basic will be for anyone seeking an entry-level position, as these can be the most generic.


“As a student in college, I have been following your company since my family, and I have been using your products over the years. You have maintained product quality, and my thought was this consistency was the result of keeping the best people over the years.

On your website, you confirm this by showing your top managers have stayed with you throughout their careers. I would like to cement my roots with your company and build my career from here.”

Why Do You Want to Work For Us

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