What is a Personal Statement?

good personal statement

With the knowledge that resumes are read in a matter of seconds the first time, it is all the more important to make sure you stand out and make sure your resume ends up on the right pile and isn’t discarded. Countless applicants are searching for the best tips on making their resume stand out, … Read more

Should I Include My Social Media Details on my Resume?

Blogs or Online Side Businesses

Times are changing, and what used to be the norm when applying for jobs and writing your resume has changed drastically. Social media is the number one pastime that many individuals undertake in. For this reason, when it comes to writing a resume, the old question of ‘should I add my social media details’ to … Read more

What is the Best Font to Use on a Resume?

calibri font for modern resume

Finding a job these days is harder than ever. There are fewer positions available, and there are many more applicants for each position. This leads to hiring firms dealing with an increased number of resumes to wade through than ever before. In larger companies, resumes can be scanned without being read by any of the … Read more

How to Effectively Look for a Job in Australia

Job Search Tips

Finding a job can be hard at any time, but with such massive amounts of interest for most positions that are advertised in Australia, it can be all the more difficult. It can be a daunting and frustrating time when you have sent out numerous resumes and applications. Some companies might not even acknowledge your … Read more

What Employers Want to See in a Resume

creating a good resume

All job seekers like to think their resume will stand out for the crowd when it is submitted for a job. The reality is in many instances, a resume isn’t actually read from start to finish, and it is looked at for only a few seconds before it is placed on one of two piles. … Read more

How to Get Back into the Job Market

career growth

There can be many reasons why people take a break from work in Australia. It can be a new mother deciding to return to work after giving birth, or a person has travelled overseas and then decided to return back home. It could also be an individual decided to take temporary retirement, or faced redundancy … Read more

Career Enhancement – is this job for me?

promotion or career enhancement

There comes a time in everyone’s career when they think they could do with a change, and decide to enhance their career in some way. More often than not, this would be a change of career, rather than trying to move up in the company they already work in. When climbing the corporate ladder, and … Read more